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March 25, 2007

Two Worlds

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The Flathead National Forest in Western Montana is now implementing a new forest access plan designating 797,000 acres (1245 square miles) for snowmobile use. (Flathead National Forest is immediately adjacent to Glacier National Park on its West and South sides. It contains 2.3 million acres or 3595 square miles.)

Despite this huge area designated for the use of these machines and the selfish, mindless pleasure-seekers who use them, and despite the fact that there have been widespread violations of the previous rules anyway, court challenges are expected to be initiated by those who don’t think even this is enough.

There are two worlds here on Earth; one which God created and one which was created by man. Fortunately, most men choose to live in the second one, and if it were not for their damned machines, the first would still be close to perfect.

Back in the days before law replaced morality and good judgment, prior to the time when a mutation of human genes omitted the DNA string that provided conscience, subsequently producing a sub-species called “lawyers” who evolved a legal system around themselves that allows a few to control the majority, there was evidence of wide-spread respect and even reverence for the natural world.

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