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March 12, 2007

Winter’s Garden

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As I walked along the river this morning, climbing boulders, stepping over the rocks of the river bed and carefully avoiding the punji sticks the beavers leave after cutting their willow-branch food, my mind was on winter.

For a moment I stopped to gaze at the snow-crowned mountains with gun-barrel-blue forests draped over their shoulders, the multi-colors of brown in the meadows, and the pearl-gray sky. It was a black and white world.

As I watched, a pure white storm drifted across a small canyon just below a high ridge, and through the swirling veil of snow Mother Nature spoke to me.

“The winter is long,” she said, “and my green world is still fast asleep. My flowers are resting now under their warm blankets of snow, awaiting the warmth of the summer sun. But don’t be sad”.

“I know you love my gardens,” she told me, “and so I’ve prepared a small one here, just for you and me. Look down.”

I did look down, and at my feet, just above the ice on the river’s edge and among the drab gray river rocks, was a small winter’s garden, an oasis of greens amidst a desert of gray, and a preview of things soon to come.

Winter moss 2

Winter moss

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