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January 13, 2007


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 On the sudden death of a good friend:

In times of deep sadness, when the existential reality of mortality drapes across our shoulders like a coarse black cape, we each have our own unique sanctuary into which we retreat for solace.

For many, it’s a deep faith in God, and that provides the greatest comfort. For others, it is a gathering of friends and family, and a communal sharing of feelings that are not well kept entirely within. A few do look strictly inward and examine their feelings there.

Sometimes we drift into the thought that death is not a part of the order of things, but then we must realize it is indeed an integral part of the world in which we live, and at some point we must know that the timing of it is not of our own choosing.

The natural world which displays so much of the beauty and joy of life also contains the darker scenes that are also essential parts of the whole.

A long, long walk alone down a road like this:


does not make one forget, but does bring perspective and suggests the freedom of the spirit needed to become whole again.

The geese are still on the river, the eagles still soar and wheel above, the deer still feed by night in the valley fields and slumber by day in the woods high on the mountainsides and the brilliance of the stars in the deep blackness of the night displays a reminder of the awesome magnitude of this world of which we are a part. Peace finally comes with the full understanding that from Nature’s perspective, even now, nothing is out of its place.

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