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December 31, 2006

A winter day

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Going to the city is not very high on the list of things that I like to do: it’s penciled in on one of the lines toward the bottom between having a root canal and breaking one of my favorite ribs. Sometimes though, it has to be done. This morning, resisting the urge to take the road leading to the dentist’s, I aimed the Jeep toward Missoula, a city of about 70,000 people which is 80 miles from where I live.

After an hour or so of trading elbow jabs with a host of total strangers in three stores in Missoula and courteously returning several one-finger salutes on the streets of the city, it was time to (thankfully) return home.

The weather here for the past several weeks has been somewhere between awful and something worse than that, but just as we were leaving the city the sun came out and I knew that ahead we would see some of the beauty of a Montana winter.

Thirty miles north of Missoula, the southern tip of the Mission mountain range was visible behind a thin veil of low clouds.

Mission range

Another thirty miles west and we passed one of my favorite winter places, an area of low cliffs about a half mile long which runs along the south bank of the Flathead river. Mother Nature has decorated them again as She does every year, with ice.

Ice falls 1

Ice falls 2

Ice falls 3

Ice falls 4

Another twenty miles and just behind where we call home stands Mt Baldy, the site of the winter rescue I described in my last post.

Mt Baldy 1

Mt Baldy 2

Sometimes there is a nice reward for completing a task you really didn’t want to do!

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