Montana Outdoors

October 3, 2006

A Day Full of Didn’ts

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Today was another day spent in the back country, full as usual with things to do and things to see and things to think about, but today seemed especially pleasant because of what I didn’t see and didn’t hear and didn’t have to think about. It was a good balance.

My mission was accomplished; a ton and a half of lodge pole pine brought back and stacked, some beautiful Fall scenery completely enjoyed and remembered (I’ll get to the pictures in a bit), and all the thoughts that the wilderness always stimulates were properly considered at length and in due course.

But I didn’t see or hear a television set.
I didn’t hear a car horn or a siren.
I didn’t hear any bickering or complaining.
I didn’t have anyone try to sell me anything.
I didn’t have anyone cut me off in traffic and make me angry.
I didn’t even consider politics.
I didn’t take a watch along, so I didn’t concern myself with time.

And perhaps the best of all, although I looked deeply into ten pairs of eyes out there in the forest, I didn’t see even one pair that just looked blankly through me, as though I wasn’t even there, and none were averted. Each pair of eyes I saw today looked directly at me, with intensity, and made me feel like a real living being, maybe even a person of interest.

The colors of Fall are now brightly spread across the palette of the wild country. They speak for themselves.

Fall 1

Fall 2

Fall 3

Fall 4

Fall 5

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