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June 22, 2011

It’s a good year for lupines!

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Lupine garden

June 19, 2011

Wildflowers of spring (13)

Orange Honeysuckle

Orange Honeysuckle ~ Lonicera ciliosa 6/13

False Solomon's Seal

False Solomon’s Seal ~ Smilacina racemosa 6/13

Sulphur Penstemon, Taper-leaved Penstemon

Sulphur Penstemon, Taper-leaved Penstemon ~ Penstemon attenuatus 6/13


Thimbleberry ~ Rubus parviflorus 6/13

Unidentified species

Sicklepod Rockcress ~ Arabis sparsiflora    6/13

Subalpine Mariposa Lily, Mountain Mariposa

Subalpine Mariposa Lily, Mountain Mariposa ~ Calochortus subalpinus 6/13

June 15, 2011

Wildflowers of spring (12)


Unknown (Possibly a species of Primrose?) 6/10

Red Osier Dogwood

Red Osier Dogwood ~ Cornus stolonifera 6/11

Hookedspur Violet, Early Blue Violet

Hookedspur Violet, Early Blue Violet ~ Viola adunca 6/12 (Couldn’t resist posting another photos of this one!)

Common Red Paintbrush, Scarlet Indian Paintbrush

Common Red Paintbrush, Scarlet Indian Paintbrush ~ Castilleja miniaata 6/12 (These seem to be early this year, and maybe a little brighter than usual too.)

High Mountain Cinquefoil

High Mountain Cinquefoil ~ Potentilla flabellifolia 6/12

Hound's Tongue, Gypsy Flower

Hound’s Tongue, Gypsy Flower ~ Cynoglossum officinale 6/12

June 14, 2011


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Mountain Ladyslipper

Mountain Ladyslipper

Mountain Ladyslipper

Mountain Ladyslipper

Mountain Ladyslipper ~ Cypripedium montanum

Many years ago the Okanagan people of British Columbia called these “moccasins” but personally I prefer their present common name. I’ve seen them rather infrequently in some years, but this year they seem to be very plentiful and so even in places where I’ve not seen them before. Must be they liked the deep winter snow. For me, seeing them in bloom is a real highlight of late spring.

June 13, 2011

Wildflowers of spring (11)

White Campion, Bladder Campion

White Campion, Bladder Campion ~ Silene latifolia 6/2

Henbit Deadnettle, Common Dead-nettle, Giraffehead

Henbit Deadnettle, Common Dead-nettle, Giraffehead ~ Lamium amplexicaule 6/2

Tolmie's star-tulip, Tolmie's mariposa-lily, Cat's-ears

Tolmie’s star-tulip, Tolmie’s mariposa-lily, Cat’s-ears ~ Calochortus tolmiei 6/2

Thread-leaved Phacelia, Thread-leaf Scorpion-weed

Thread-leaved Phacelia, Thread-leaf Scorpion-weed ~ Phacelia linearis 6/3

Largeflower triteleia

Largeflower triteleia ~ Triteleia grandiflora, Brodiaea douglasii 6/3

Utah honeysuckle, Rocky Mountain honeysuckle

Utah honeysuckle, Rocky Mountain honeysuckle ~ Lonicera utahensis 6/5

Sticky Currant, Mountains Currant

Sticky Currant, Mountains Currant ~ Ribes viscosissimum 6/5

June 10, 2011

Wildflowers of spring (10)

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke

Prairie Smoke ~ Geum triflorum 6/1

Great Polemonium, Royal Jacob's-ladder, Salmon Polemonium

Great Polemonium, Royal Jacob’s-ladder, Salmon Polemonium ~ Polemonium carneum 6/1

Meadow Hawkweed

Meadow Hawkweed ~ Hieracium caespitosum 6/2

American Vetch

American Vetch ~ Vicia americana 6/2

Prickly Rose

Prickly Rose

Prickly Rose ~ Rosa acicularis 6/2

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